ProPhorce™ BD makes a difference in combatting pathogens

ProPhorce™ BD makes a difference in combatting pathogens

Harmful bacteria like Clostridium spp., Salmonella spp. and pathogenic strains of enteric bacteria like E.coli can cause severe illness and even death in both swine and human hosts. Therefore dedicated antibacterials against such pathogens form an important weapon in the arsenal directed at raising standards of hygiene and swine performance.


ProPhorce™ BD antibacterials

Certain ProPhorce™ BD antibacterials are used solely to combat problems with pathogenic bacteria found along the food chain, particularly on farms. An important difference between Perstorp’s range of ProPhorce™ acidifiers (ProPhorce™ AC) and ProPhorce™ BD antibacterials is that the latter contain a blend of organic acids combined with essential oils. Although ProPhorce™ BD antibacterials are used in a similar way to our acidifiers, scientific research has shown that essential oils confer important added value through:

- having a stronger antibacterial effect due to their synergistic effect with organic acids

- being effective at high and low pH levels.


Mode of action

The inhibitory action of ProPhorce™ BD antibacterials is similar to that of ProPhorce™ acidifiers, but with the added benefit that at high pH levels the essential oils can make bacterial cell walls permeable to organic acid anions, which can carry out their destructive activity within bacterial cells.

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