Prevent the oxidation of feed and feed raw materials​

The negative effects of oxidation in animal feed can be solved with Perstorp's Protain solution which helps prevent oxidation, prolongs shelf-life, protects the nutritional value and more.

The negative effects of oxidation include:

  • Breakdown/degradation of fat-soluble vitamins A, D3, E and K, oils, fats and pigments
  • Loss of palatability
  • Loss of energy/nutritional value
  • Development of toxic metabolites
  • Raw Material stabilization in order to avoid self combustion

ProTain solutions offer:

  • Prevention of oxidation of e.g. premixes, feed, pet food, oils, fats and protein meals
  • Prolonged product shelf-life through
  • Ingredient stabilization including overseas freight
  • Protection of nutritional value
  • Maintained organoleptic quality

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