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Anna Berggren
Anna Berggren
Business Development Manager & Market Segment Manager Resins
+46 303 728 719

Perstorp is the global market leader in building blocks for liquid polyesters. As such we offer resin producers and integrated paint producers the best and most comprehensive portfolio of building blocks for liquid polyesters. This includes TMP, Neo, Penta, TMPD, and1,6-Hexanediol.

Engineered to outperform 

Our building blocks help resin producers to meet some of the toughest challenges in industrial coatings, such as for marine protective, heavy duty plant & equipment, as well as automotive and transport.

For extreme coating durability Perstorp is unique in offering BEPD, which is ideal for coil coatings and heavy-duty industrial coatings. Used outdoors BEPD adds exceptional weather resistance and durability that outperforms standard components. Apart from prolonging the life of coatings BEPD allows you to optimize the viscosity of polyester and provide low VOC paints.

TMP can help you improve functionality in liquid polyester resins and in the final coating by increasing cross-linking for greater chemical resistance, hardness and durability. Neo is a standard for high durability compared to conventional glycols, and Hexanediol can provide greater coating flexibility to cover all the angles.  


Global presence, reliable supply and close support 

Our size and global presence in building blocks for liquid polyesters mean you get a trusted one-stop partner with a reputation for delivering on time and with great consistency. We can provide you with customized supply solutions and innovative technical development support to optimize your liquid polyester resins and increase sustainability.  As a partner we are always close at hand to provide the help you need when you need it.

Value chain

Business advantages
  1. One-stop shop portfolio of building blocks saves valuable time
  2. Global set-up for dependable supply
  3. Reliable innovation partner for development support, greater sustainability and faster converting resins
Performance advantages
  1. Outstanding durability, especially BEPD for less maintenance and extended life
  2. Low VOC solutions to support a better environmental profile
  3. Right quality and always on hand to support
Process advantages
  1. Always safe to handle, with Perstorp’s bagging and technical information system
  2. Consistent and robust production of resins due to high quality of building blocks

Applications for liquid polyester resins

Beautiful Alkyds Golden Gate Bridge
  • Automotive 
  • Protective coatings
  • Coil and can
  • Plastic and consumer electronics

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