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Having our roots deep in Scandinavia means we are emotionally close to “nature”, naturally. Keeping nature healthy is part of our inner soul and brings out our desire to nurture our forests, lakes and the air we breathe. Our new Neeture™ (part renewable Neopentyl Glycol ,Neo) base polyol is part of our pro-environmental drive to “nurture nature.”

Neeture™ comes in 20% and 40% renewable grades, which can reduce carbon footprint significantly. Neeture™ is based on a certified mass balance concept and the products come with an ISCC certificate, Proof of Sustainability, which ensures raw material traceability to the country of origin, as well as sustainable sourcing. Neeture™ is perfect for Neo customers who want Resins, Coatings and Synthetic Lubricants based on renewable raw material, sustainably sourced and with a low carbon footprint.

Voxtar™, Neeture™ & Evyron™ are designed to give you the choice to go pro-environmental today.


Alkyd resins, Liquid polyesters, Powder polyesters, Radiation curing, Aviation turbine oils, Transformer oils and Refrigeration lubricants. 

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You will find the associated specification and sample request available per product grade.

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ISCC certification

To confirm the reliability and transparency of our Pro-Environment products, we were one of the first, if not the first chemical company certified by International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC).

All our Pro-Environment products, as well as the mass balance and carbon footprint calculations, are certified, providing full traceability. about ISCC.


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