HS Number: 230990

Using organic acids in water is an easy and well-established method to help preserve water quality and safeguard animal performance and welfare. ProPhorce™ Exclusive NC is Perstorp’s most complete solution for water. The combined effect of selected buffered organic acids, partly esterified and the inclusion of essential oils has been proven in the field for many years. It is effective and easy to use. The addition of monobutyrins in the product helps improve animal performance and gut welfare.

Antonia Tacconi

Global Product Manager Gut Health

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ProPhorce™  Exclusive NC:

Reduces the pH of water
- Supports gut itegrity and digestibility
- Reduces the risk of biofilm formation

ProPhorce Water Solutions

Specific needs, specific products

Perstorp has a range of products designed for your needs. Like an umbrella protecting you from the rain, these products can help protect your animals from unclean water. Depending on your needs you can choose anything from a standard product such as ProPhorce™ Classic NC to a highly innovative new product such as the ProPhorce™ Exclusive NC.

The basis of ProPhorce™ water solutions is formed by a highly concentrated and safely buffered mixture of organic acids. Additions of carefully chosen essential oils and butyric acid glycerol esters make for even more powerful products that live up to your expectations.


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