Develop the best UV/EB curable monomers & oligomers

Resin producers want to produce high reactivity, low viscosity acrylates that facilitate fast cure low energy LED RadCure solutions. In particular, to contribute to high-performance formulations for applications such as high-quality printing – 3D, inkjet & digital, and robust coatings – wooden flooring & furniture. High performing acrylate resins requires high performing polyol building blocks. If you want the freedom to design & develop superior and customizable UV curable monomers and oligomers we have a unique portfolio of polyols and sustainable solutions to choose from. 

Components for safe, high reactivity & low viscosity RadCure acrylate resins

Producing high-quality UV curable coatings and printing inks requires fast cure low viscosity formulations to optimize productivity and reliable materials that minimize wastage. Additionally, the increasing focus on sustainability is stimulating the demand for new renewable and VOC free solutions and makes Radiation Curing even more attractive to consumers and end-users. As a specialist RadCure supplier we have a full service offer to support you from initial idea to finished product. You can use our insights and applications expertise to start the development process off or our innovation services to speed up time-to-market and reduce development costs.

If you want to create safe, sustainable UV resins with outstanding performance properties then our portfolio of specialty products for oligomers and reactive diluents offer precisely that. We can even provide sustainability support to reduce your carbon footprint and differentiate your acrylates from the competition by using our renewables Voxtar™, Evyron™ and Neeture™.

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