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Feed is the highest operating cost item of fish and shrimp farming operations. As a means of reducing feed costs, plant-based ingredients are now routinely used in most aquaculture feeds. However, these ingredients may contain Anti-Nutritional Factors (ANFs) and mycotoxins which have been shown to have a negative effect on gut integrity and gut health, this may result in a condition known as `leaky gut’, reduced nutrient digestibility, reduced immune capability, and increased susceptibility to environmental pathogens and diseases.

Butyrins are a game changer by directly improving gut structure and function in fish and shrimp fed plant-based diets. They are also one of the one of the most promising alternatives that can help the transition to a no antibiotics system. Many trials have shown that butyrins support gut health in aquaculture and by extension support growth performance and animal well-being with multiple beneficial effects, including:

  • Improving villi development and maximizing nutrient digestibility
  • Improving gut integrity and formation of tight junctions
  • Supporting gut microbiota diversity, balance and natural defenses
  • Supporting gut resilience after nutritional challenges (ANFs, mycotoxins)

ProPhorce™ SR

ProPhorce™ SR is our butyric acid solution that uses esterification technology for optimal efficiency. It consists of butyrins - glycerol esters of butyric acid, which are not coated, but in ester form resulting in the effective release of butyric acid where it is most needed. ProPhorce™ SR can help improve animal performance by:

  • Helping to maintain optimal animal growth potential
  • Supporting the establishment of a healthy gut microbiota
  • Supporting the maintenance and repair of tight junctions
  • Improving tolerance to high use of dietary plant protein sources
  • Improving natural defenses to better protect from ANFs and antioxidant capabilities

Aquatic species are sensitive to a number of stressors that may impact gut integrity.

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