Products for the food chain

We are dedicated to advancing everyday life through thoughtful chemistry. You can find our innovative products everywhere, from fertilizing food crops for better yield to preserving the freshness of your daily bread.

Increased crop health and yield

Potassium is an essential nutrient which has a significant, positive impact on crop yields, and potassium chloride has long been the most common solution in fertilization. However, chlorides have a negative impact on vegetable yield, leading to increased demands for chloride-free solutions.

Amicult™ K42 offers formulators, liquid fertilizer producers and large farming companies a chloride-free potassium-based fertilizer component that’s proven to offer better, healthier crop yields. This water soluble, safe solution is designed to offer the optimal yield for crops whilst also being completely free of the usual risks thanks to its high level of solubility and
efficient uptake.

Keeping food products fresh and healthy

Food additives are added to food to maintain or improve; freshness, safety, texture, taste and/or appearance. Additives have been used for centuries; for example, preserving food with vinegar or salt. Perstorp has a long reliable history of producing food safe additives, especially for baked goods.

Profina™ CP (calcium propionate food grade) main functionality is securing quality and increasing shelf-life of baked goods, keeping it safe, wholesome and appealing. Preserving the product from production to consumption. 


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