Performance and speed

Do you need a product that gives a powerful performance and impressive speed to your cationic UV curing formulations. Adding Curalite™ dramatically increases the reactivity of your formulation with up to 15 times, which in turn boosts the speed of your printing or coating line enabling a more efficient production. Curalite™ also brings through cure and hardness which is crucial in many applications. Formulation costs can be reduced which increases competitiveness, as less amount of expensive photoinitiator is needed when adding Curalite™. 

Give your formulation an extra edge - Curalite™Ox

The demands for faster, more efficient production are always increasing and although Cationic UV Curing as technology already is a good option sometimes it needs an extra boost. The answer to this challenge is Curalite™Ox. Using Curalite™Ox as an additive in your formulation you can increase the reactivity of up to a factor of 7.

  • Increasing the reactivity up to 7 times
  • Best performance for flexibility
  • Suitable in formulation in the range of 5 to 20%
  • Increased dark cure gives increased through cure

Curalite™Ox also enables you to lower the cost of your formulation making you more competitive. Due to the increase in reactivity given by Curalite™Ox you can use less amount of expensive photoinitiator and hence reduce the total cost of your formulation. Curalite™Ox is clear, color-less, non skin-irritating and with very low odor. So Curalite™Ox exceeds in performance also when it comes to handling and safety.

The unique properties of Curalite™Ox makes it the given choice in formulation for applications with high demands like:

  • Food packaging with high demands on safety, low migration, low odor and scratch resistance
  • Shrink sleeves with high demand on flexibility
  • Coatings for beverage can-base for long term resistance, fast process and customized slip and resistance
  • Curalite™OxPlus – Up to 15x faster reactivity

For the applications where you need even better performance we can now also offer Curalite™ OxPlus. Curalite™OxPlus behaves very similar as Curalite™Ox but performs even better when it comes to reactivity, through cure and hardness.

  • A di-functional Oxetane crosslinker
  • Improved chemical resistance and hardness
  • Increasing the reactivity up to 15 times
  • Suitable in formulation in the range of 10 to 40%
  • Use less amounts of expensive photoinitiator
  • Perfect for environments with high humidity

So for printing in environments with very high moisture content Curalite™OxPlus is sometimes the only option to speed up the printing line. Curalite™OxPlus is also advantageously used in combination with Curalite™Ox to fine tune your formulation to meet your customers specific demands. For example a formulation of 20% Curalite™Ox and 15% Curalite™OxPlus gives excellent flexibility and through cure. Both Curalite OX and OXPlus gives very good reduction in viscosity.

Perstorp is fully committed to a sustainable future moving towards the goal of being completely finite material neutral. Becoming Finite Material Neutral would mean switching to alternative resources that are abundant and/or renewable, or to close the loops in order to recycle or reuse those that are finite.  One step in this is to launch Pro-Environment Polyols. Versions of our well known high performing polyols in partly or fully bio-based form. Perstorp is using a concept based on a mass balance concept, supporting sustainable sourcing. Everything is controlled through a strict and well recognized certification system called ISCC.