Improved performance of cationic UV curing formulations

Do you need a product that gives a powerful performance and impressive speed to your cationic UV curing formulations? Adding Curalite™ dramatically increases the reactivity of your formulation with up to 15 times, which in turn boosts the speed of your printing or coating line enabling a more efficient production. Curalite™ also brings through cure and hardness which is crucial in many applications. Formulation costs can be reduced which increases competitiveness, as less amount of expensive photoinitiator is needed when adding Curalite™.

Curalite™ - Designed to enhance Cationic UV Curing

Curalite™ is a product range of Oxetane reactive diluents that bring powerful performance and impressive speed to your Cationic UV Curing formulations. Adding Curalite™ significantly increases the reactivity of your formulation, which in turn boosts the speed of printing or coating line. You can even decrease your formulation costs and increase your competitiveness, as you require less photoinitiator with Curalite™.

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 Curalite™ Ox

Curalite™ Pro Ox - Enhance your sustainability profile

Perstorp offer Curalite™ in one partly renewable grade:

Curalite™Pro Ox comes with an ISCC Plus certificate (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) certificate to confirm that the biomass used is from a sustainable source. The product performance is unchanged as it is a drop-in product, with no compromise on quality and performance.

A part of Perstorp Pro-Environment Solutions

For a number of applications where brand owners strive for sustainability profile, you can benefit from our Pro-Environment Solutions. All Pro-Environment products are based on a mass balance concept, supporting sustainable sourcing. The actual carbon molecules in the product may not be renewable, but through a third-party certificate system called ISCC, the renewable content is verified. This helps us all support sustainable sourcing of renewable raw material and see the actual savings in CO2 emissions.

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Curalite™ OxPlus - Up to 15x faster reactivity

If you need extra performance try our Curalite™ OxPlus, which will cure your need for speed as you get up to 15x faster reactivity in formulations. On top of that, you gain from increased through cure and hardness. Curalite™ OxPlus is one of the very few solutions that can be used to speed up the line in high moisture content environments. You can also use Curalite™ OxPlus in combination with Curalite™ Ox to fine-tune your formulations so that they match your customers’ specific demands. For example a formulation of 20wt% Curalite™ Ox and 15wt%  Curalite™ OxPlus gives excellent flexibility and through cure.


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Curalite™ Ox Plus 
 Typical properties  Curalite™ Ox  Curalite™ Ox Plus
Appearance  Colorless liquid  Colorless liquid
Reactive groups  1 oxetane, 1 hydroxyl  2 oxetanes
Oxetane equivalent weight (g/eq)  116  107
Hydroxyl equivalent weight (g/eq)  116  -
Hydroxyl number (mg KOH/g)  485  -
Molecular weight (g/mol)  116  214
Viscosity at 20°C (mPa.s)  27  15
Color (APHA)  10  9
Acid number (mg KOH/g)  0,21  0,19

Business benefits

  • Pro-environment grade for increased sustainability profiles
  • European production – with secure supply and availability of fresh material
  • Available in various order quantities
  • Less amount of expensive photoinitiator needed

Perfromance benefits

  • Curalite™ oxetanes as efficient reactive diluents to increase curing speed and lower viscosity
  • Safe to handle – no skin-irritation and low odor compared to standard acrylates, vinyl ethers and glycidyl monomers
  • Enhancing chemical resistance, hardness, and flexibility
  • Improving through cure and crosslinking density

Processing benefits

  • Up to 15x faster reactivity for higher line speeds
  • Improved dark cure for complete through cure
  • Possibility to reduce cationic sensitivity to moisture