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Pevalen™ Pro is a second-generation Pevalen™ product designed to reduce the carbon footprint of PVC products and to support the shift away from finite raw materials. It allows our customers to gradually make the switch to products with renewable content, without the need for reformulation. 

Pevalen™ Pro comes in grades of 36% and 100% renewable carbon content and carries the ISCC PLUS certification. As Pevalen™ Pro is chemically identical to Pevalen™, it provides our customers with the same quality and performance as its fossil counterpart. The difference lies with the sustainable sourcing of raw materials, adding the benefit of a significantly improved environmental profile. 

The ISCC PLUS certification provides companies, brand owners and consumers with the assurance that high sustainability requirements are met. It means that all renewable and recycled raw materials used are ISCC certified in all parts of the value chain all the way back to the point of origin. Every customer of Pro-Environment products receives information about the product carbon footprint.

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