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Weaning challenges are a common cause for underweight piglets, which can negatively impact profitability. Effectively addressing these challenges can improve growth, uniformity, performance and hence revenue. With Gastrivix™ Go, producers can ensure a proper care and support for nursery pigs, supporting them to overcome obstacles and thrive also in later stages of life.

Antonia Tacconi

Global Product Manager Gut Health

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Go for gold in facing weaning challenges with Gastrivix™ Go

Gastrivix™ Go:
  • Supports piglets during challenges in the all-important weaning phase
  • Improves Average Daily Gain from the first day after weaning
  • Helps to mitigate pathogens
  • Strengthens small intestine health
  • Is cost effective because of low inclusion rates
  • Gastrivix™ Go has the research to back it up

    Gastrivix™ Go features a unique combination of several compounds all known for their potential to support weaning piglets. Interested to read more about the scope of those benefits?

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    Gastrivix Go Brochure

    From the experts in gut wealth

    We believe that you can find wealth through better animal gut health. Not just wealth from profits, but the feeling of wealth you get when gut health is completely under control and your animals are healthy and achieving their potential and when you have considered people and planet while getting there. Gut wealth is the removal of concern about gut health. It is our goal to achieve that feeling with our customers. A goal that goes beyond gut health by bringing feed safety, performance, expertise, sustainability and profit under one umbrella. 

    Read more about gut wealth >>

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    Antonia Tacconi

    Global Product Manager Gut Health

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