Go Pro with Holtac™ micronized polyols for Ca/Zn stabilizer systems. Holtac™ is Perstorp’s polyol offer for lead-free PVC. It is a cutting-edge environmentally friendly building block for Ca/Zn stabilizers that helps achieve the desired processing properties and heat resistance required by a top performing PVC stabilizer.​

When PVC compounds are processed, high temperatures affect the color of the compound through degradation and cause yellowing. Heat stabilizers counteract the degradation and yellowing of PVC compounds. With Holtac™ as co-stabilizer you have a precise polyol that secures high performance PVC processing, while at the same time being a sustainable choice replacing harmful lead-based alternatives.

We understand a key factor to your success is consistent quality of product.  Perstorp’s Holtac™ is always at a consistent, high quality you can count on.  Additionally, our captive, dedicated mill ensures we have complete control over the particle size and there is never a risk of contamination.

Wide Product Range

We have the product to meet your needs! Whether you are interested in a high or low melting point or just the right amount of heat stability, we have the product for you.

Perstorp is fully committed to a sustainable future moving towards the goal of being completely finite material neutral. Becoming Finite Material Neutral would mean switching to alternative resources that are abundant and/or renewable, or to close the loops in order to recycle or reuse those that are finite.  One step in this is to launch Pro-Environment Polyols. Versions of our well known high performing polyols in partly or fully bio-based form. Perstorp is using a concept based on a mass balance concept, supporting sustainable sourcing. Everything is controlled through a strict and well recognized certification system called ISCC. 

#Go Pro with Holtac™ Pro

Perstorp offers Holtac™ Pro, a Pro-Environment Polyol ready to be dropped into existing formulations. Based on mass balance concept, Holtac ™ Pro is a partly renewable Holtac™ product designed to reduce the carbon footprint and supports sustainable sourcing of renewable raw material. Holtac ™ Pro is third party certified according to the ISCC system based on 40% and 100% renewable resources.

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