We believe one molecule can change everything, because we’ve seen how nature’s tiniest building blocks and creative chemistry can change things. Can make athletic shoes just that much lighter so a silver medalist becomes a gold. Can make buildings more fire resistant so our cities can rise higher, safer. And so much more.

Our purpose

We are here to lead change towards chemistry that advances everyday life for the better

Our belief goes way beyond literal molecules. It symbolizes how every single product we create, every individual on our team, every effort — big or little — can make a difference. That’s why all of us at Perstorp focus our efforts and values into creating things that really matter. That allow people to achieve more in a world that blossoms along with human ambitions. With our origins deep in the Scandinavian woods, we simply can’t imagine anything else.

Our customer promise

Our responsibility is to act for the best of our customers — and by extension, people everywhere whose lives are touched by their products. Of course, “best” is a constantly moving target. We relentlessly pursue that new thinking, that extra effort that will make things better tomorrow than they are today, giving you:

A competitive edge to advance everyday life

Frida Lannerheim

VP Corporate Communication

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