Per, Transport Administrator

B. Sc. in Service Management, logistics

Per originally comes from Perstorp and even attended Perstorp High School. However, it wasn’t clear-cut that he would later work at Perstorp too.

“I felt right at home from the start though, and after six months had passed I felt that I was far from fully skilled and also felt I had much more to give. I’m always being given more responsibility and more assignments and I’m learning all the time, which I find really enjoyable and is a good reason for me to stay.”

Per works at the logistics and transport department; this includes booking transports and ensuring that the vehicles arrive at the customer and also loads on specific times.

I only used to work for site Perstorp before, but now my group is global. In principle we fix all the transport that leaves Europe and do all the loading for Germany, Belgium and Stenungsund for instance.” 

Per believes the most enjoyable part of his job is the daily contact with different people. 

“When I started I almost expected to be quite anonymous in such a big company like Perstorp, but that’s not how it is at all. As long as you are ambitious, you have a chance of getting somewhere. I believe that Perstorp is good at encouraging the people who demonstrate that they want to do well, can and care.”

Per transport administrator