When you provide essential properties for products in the pockets, homes, offices and communities of practically every human being on the planet, you’d better make sure you’ve got the right values. We care deeply that what we do affects our planet and each other. So we strive to live up to the values we know are essential to a caring culture.   

Responsibility — Do Right

Doing right is more than simply following the rules. Sometimes it’s about challenging status quo and creating new rules because it’s the right thing to do. Because we care about each other, our customers and our world, and we aim to balance what’s good for all three. At Perstorp, we think beyond immediate gains, keeping a lifecycle perspective. We don’t let our products go once delivered. We continually take responsibility to deliver a competitive edge to advance everyday life.

Reliability — Keep the promise

In good times and bad, for better or worse, we aim to be there when our customers, partners and colleagues need us. We know reliability is about being honest with ourselves and others about what’s possible. It’s about anticipating, to the best of our ability, all the variables so we know we can deliver. And it’s about treating everyone with respect and consideration. From delivering work with quality to simply returning an email or phone call, we will keep the promise.

Focused Innovation — Make it better

Focused Innovation is much more than invention. It’s finding what matters for the people and planet we serve and making it better. It’s channeling our strengths where they make the biggest impact for the best of our customers — and by extension, people everywhere whose lives are touched by their products. From producing meat without antibiotics to making smart products even smarter, we relentlessly pursue that competitive edge that will make things better tomorrow than they are today.

Does it sound exciting and do you feel the same way about how we think and how we work? Maybe you’d like to add your unique mind to our team. Check out our Career pages. 


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