From our products to our people to our processes, we live and work according to our own unique chemistry of caring. Environment, health and safety are foundational elements of why we do what we do — driving both our long-term vision and everyday work. Not every now and then, but every day. We Care 365 days a year.

Perstorp Chemistry


If our purpose is why we get up each day and do what we do in the first place, then our vision is where we want to go, and our values and strategy are how we get there. All these elements are constantly connected, both forming and driving our caring culture. 

Thinking long-term, our vision is our inspiration for strategic planning, pushing us to constantly improve. For us, we’ll know we’re making a difference towards creative and sustainable chemistry when: 

Perstorp is the first choice for companies seeking a competitive edge to advance everyday life.


To reach our vision, and to successfully serve our customers, employees, communities and stakeholders every day, we plan our long-term growth according to four strategic drivers:

Care 365

Perstorp is a caring company where all employees are given the opportunity to perform at their full potential in a healthy and safe environment. We make no compromises on health or safety to increase business performance. The capability to lead health and safety is an entrance ticket to becoming a manager, and Perstorp serves as a role model for other companies.

Customer centricity

Perstorp has different business processes for different customers’ needs, and we develop and focus our efforts on select market segments. The customer’s experience with Perstorp should be as seamless as possible at every touchpoint, and we stand ready to transform new customer behaviors into new business opportunities. Our customers and stakeholders have strong positive brand associations based on real experiences.

Product and market leadership

We build and defend our leading global market positions and look for new development opportunities along the value chain. Innovation based on products and processes is primarily made in the intersection between customers’ needs and technology, and we continuously explore and develop more sustainable products and solutions.

Leverage integrated platforms

We work to de-bottleneck our production and expand capacity by developing the full potential of our selected technology platforms. Operations will become increasingly safe, lean, reliable and efficient due to efficiently executed technical development projects.

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