Optimize your Polyurethane Dispersion performance properties

Perstorp’s building blocks for waterborne PUD give producers the flexibility to choose the exact properties required in a final coating. Be they hard to soft, rigid to flexible but always sustainable.

Today we offer a variety of products for waterborne PUD, including two types of dispersing monomers. The Ymer™ product family consists of non-ionic dispersing monomers, available in three different grades. For anionic stabilization, we offer Dimethylolpropionic Acid. Our short polyalcohol Neo can sometimes be found in macrodiols as well. Just like its sustainable counterpart Neeture, which is Neo based on renewable raw materials.

Optimizing PUD performance, sustainability and cost-effectiveness

The trend for new coatings offering uncompromising performance with enhanced sustainability is an important factor in the development of PUD.  PUD are widely appreciated for their versatility, high performance, and minimal environmental impact, making tighter environmental and health legislation another reason why water dispersion systems are an attractive choice.

Our broad portfolio of dispersing monomers for PUD give you the innovative freedom to:

  • Create extremely versatile, high performance coating systems.
  • Customize critical properties, such as durability, hardness and flexibility to your specific requirements.
  • Lower environmental impact with low VOC water dispersions and renewable polyols.

Our comprehensive service will support your development all the way to market. We provide insights and innovation expertise alongside sustainability support and customizable logistic and supply solutions. As a dedicated PUD partner we can help you to reduce development costs, speed up time to market and develop 100% solvent free and amine free coatings.

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