We help you become more sustainable

Stay ahead of the competition with our new innovative and renewable solutions. Keep pace and grow successfully using our Pro-Environment Solutions. Trends show that considerable future growth in renewable products is predicted. Differentiate your products and go renewable. With our sustainable products and expertise, we support you in driving sustainable development in your value chain and bringing relevant products to market quicker.

Facilitating the shift to sustainable solutions

Pro-Environment Solutions is our product portfolio that consists of products that will take us to become Finite Material Neutral. As we progress, the portfolio will continue to grow. Today these products are produced according to the mass-balance concept. Criteria for the products in the portfolio are:

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Vice President Sustainability

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Join us on our Pro-Environmental journey

Persorp's six renewable products helps you reduce the carbon footprint by up to 75%. The closer we get to becoming finite material neutral, the more products will be added to the portfolio.

Today our Pro-Environment Solutions portfolio consists of two sub-segments: Polyols and Specialty Products.
Learn more about renewable polyols here:

Pro-environment polyols

Our Pro-Environment products

We have the renewable products, and the expertise to help you to go pro today. With outstanding innovation and a long-term commitment, we can help you to reduce your environmental impact progressively. We want our pro-environment products and support to make a real difference all the way through your value chains to benefit customers, consumers, society as well as our planet. 

Renewable content and certified products

All our Pro-Environment Solutions are ISCC certified, partly or fully based on renewable raw materials and energy, produced according to a mass-balance concept. The independent ISCC certification verifies the renewable content and the actual savings in CO2 emissions. Mass-balance makes switching easy since the renewable molecules are the same as fossil-based molecules thanks to the mass balance concept. Our ambition is that all products will be Pro-Environment in the future.

Now you have a choice, so choose wisely!

The raw materials used in the industry and their environmental impact are all coming under increasing scrutiny. The pressure is growing to find and design renewable solutions with low carbon- and low water footprints that can be recycled or repurposed to ensure zero-waste. Perstorp’s new generation of Pro-Environment Solutions meet these challenges by providing renewable drop-in solutions with a performance equal to the fossil-based alternatives.

Zero compromise on performance and zero compromise on sustainability, we hope that simplifies your choice. Let’s take the next pro-environmental step together.