The right logistical set-up & products

Perstorp has a long history in the deicer industry as a formates supplier for both liquid and solid deicers. We have helped to develop the global deicer business with tailor-made customer solutions helping airports to optimize airport traffic and flow through the snow and ice.

Today Perstorp has a vision to become a leading deicer supplier with the Nordway™ brand now with the new name Pergrip Run. We are committed to constantly looking at how to improve our product offers beyond legislative and technical requirements while acting as the most reliable and cost competitive partner. 

Cost competitive position and unbeatable product performance 

Pergrip is supported by the knowledge, experience and scale Perstorp has achieved by being the global leader in the production and supply of Potassium and Sodium Formate. In addition, a specialised runway deicer supply chain has been created together with best-in-class logistics partners, ensuring smooth and continuous runway operations. Perstorp’s runway deicers have already become the deicers of choice for many leading airports in Europe thanks to their high performance and low environmental impact.

Pergrip Run is designed to meet or exceed both local and international regulations for runway deicers and can be tailored to meet airports’ specific needs. Substituting less environmentally friendly deicing solutions with Pergrip Run is a convenient route to increased sustainability. Pergrip Run is certified according to SAE AMS 1431 (Solid) and SEA AMS 1435 (Liquid).


Performance advantages

  1. Products with strong environmental profile, biodegradable, non-toxic, a very low COD, and a uniquely low carbon footprint
  2. Nordway™ KF liquid de-icer melts ice and snow effectively and provides protection against re-freezing
  3. Nordway™ NF solid de-icer is easily applied on snow and ice to give long-term protection

Business advantages

  1. Top service with optimized logistic setup, ability to serve our customers at short notice, and products for airport runways to minimize costly delays
  2. Cost competitive position through backward integration to the base raw materials
  3. Ease of product usage to optimize time, personnel and operational costs, keeping the runways operational during