Taking additive manufacturing to the next level

Through innovative chemistry Perstorp gives 3D printing materials improved functionality, taking additive manufacturing to the next level.

Backed up by 100 years of innovation in chemistry and plastic material, Perstorp is a leading supplier of key chemistry building blocks to improve the performance of 3D printing materials. Whether you are looking for functional performance or printing speed and productivity with simplified and efficient processing, we have the solution.

Perstorp, world leading Oxetane provider

For photopolymers, Curalite, a reactive diluent based on oxetane chemistry, offers low viscosity for optimal end-quality and faster curing speed which will improve productivity and cost-effectiveness. For FDM technology, our heat resistant copolyester Akestra, will meet more demanding requirements and functional application with heat resistance improvement by more than 30C compared to conventional PETG products. Our alkoxylated polyols are useful additives to facilitate post processing and to enhance flexibility in the final objects.


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Business Development Manager, Advanced Materials

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