High purity Sodium formate for hydrosulfite bleaching

Perstorp’s high purity Sodium Formate (SoFo) is used to produce sodium hydrosulfite (SHS) in the textile industry. SHS is primarily used as reducing agent for vat dyes and sulfur containing dyes, and for the removal of pigments in textiles. 

It is also used as a bleaching agent in reductive bleaching processes such as bleaching of mechanical paper pulp, cotton, wool and even sugar. 

Perstorp Sodium Formate has a high and consistent purity of 98% compared to the industry average of 95%. This eliminates impurities, which can have up to a 12% negative effect on the conversion during the production process of SHS.

Perstorp’s sodium formate long experience and knowledge ensure you always receive a product with high and consistent quality. Our global customized supply chain solutions are designed to deliver to you reliably and conveniently wherever you are located. This makes Perstorp a perfect partner for your bleaching applications.

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Procurement Manager - Packaging, Electricity, Tolling

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Processing advantages

  1. Higher purity (98%) for significant cost savings and a smoother conversion process

Business advantages

  1. Cost savings up to 12% from Perstorp’s SoFo high purity 98%
  2. Customized global supply chain solutions