Enabling sustainable solutions everywhere

The chemical industry is present everywhere. In fact, 96 percent of all manufactured goods rely on chemical products. That puts us in a prime position to assist other companies and value chains in their sustainable transitions.  

Rooted in our mission

Being a sustainable solutions provider is part of our corporate mission. As the sustainable solutions provider we drive the sustainability transformation in society within the areas we operate. We have the opportunity to make a great positive impact; by driving change, transforming our production and enable new solutions that will help industries and products everywhere become more sustainable. We are fully committed to do so and to always act respectfully with regards to people, environment and society. 

Anna Berggren

Vice President Sustainability

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Outer sustainability framework

Our sustainability work abides to several external sustainability frameworks, which also help shape our sustainability strategy. These include the Paris Climate Agreement, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and alignment with the EU Green Deal – including EU Chemicals strategy for Sustainability and Fit for 55. 

Demand for sustainability is also a key driver of the chemicals market and its investments in the many years to come, as all actors in the value chain seek more sustainable solutions to meet their growing ambitions in the area. Perstorp welcome these initiatives and are working hard not only to meet them, but to set an even higher bar.

Sustainability Targets 2030

We have set targets for 2030 as a step on the way towards becoming Finite Material Neutral. These targets comprise science based emission reduction targets and targets on Water, Waste and (Eco) toxic impact.

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Our approach to sustainability

We have developed an approach to sustainability based on the three areas Care, Transform and Enable.

Infographic showing Perstorps three core values - Care Transform Enable

Vision 2045

Even though 96% of all manufactured goods rely on chemicals, few people know the vital role chemistry plays in the transition towards a more sustainable society.

In our newly released video, we explain how Perstorp and the chemical industry through collaboration in the value chain and by switching to more sustainable resources and developing circular solutions, will have a positive impact on the environment in various ways, ensuring a better future for all.

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Pro-Environment Solutions

Perstorp can help you fulfil your greenhouse gas reduction targets by offering products with a lower carbon footprint.

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Project Air

Perstorp is proud to be driving the sustainable agenda towards a climate neutral chemical industry. Project Air will significantly reduce our carbon emission and also enable the supply of sustainable raw material for a large variety of end products.

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Anna Berggren

Vice President Sustainability

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