Good for business, good for the planet

What we do matters and each sustainable step we take in a pro-environmental direction is good for business and the planet. When it comes to sustainability Perstorp has always gone beyond environmental regulations, but now it’s time to get tougher and even more ambitious.

Finite Material Neutral – our bold ambition

Raw materials should never be used at a higher rate than nature can replenish them, and especially raw materials that are neither renewable nor replaceable. Perstorp is moving towards being a company that ceases to consume finite materials that cannot be replenished. Our ambition is to become Finite Material Neutral. This ambition guides us in everything we do, in all the decisions we take. It’s about making the shift from fossil to renewable and recycled raw material and energy; it’s about reducing waste and our water footprint and moving away from using endangered metals in our catalysts.

Innovations for a sustainable future

Another important element of our impact strategy involves working with sustainable innovation. At Perstorp, we focus our innovation on how our products and solutions can provide and/or enable more sustainable alternatives compared to the standard market offering. Innovation also involves exploring increased resource efficiency and circularity. Since 2017, we have offered a growing portfolio of products and solutions with renewable content, based on an ISCC certified mass balance system – our Pro-­Environment Solutions. Switching to our Pro-Environment Solutions are easy since they are the same molecule but with a renewable origin. Our ambition is that all our products will be Pro-Environment in the future.

Taking our corporate responsibilities seriously

Responsibility – do the right thing is one of Perstorp’s core values. We pride ourselves on being a responsible business as a reliable employer, buyer, business partner and corporate citizen, as well as operating the company in a responsible manner. Responsible business is the basis for long­term business success and something that needs everyday attention to keep up and make progress. It often involves working on multiple fronts – including responsible sourcing, anti­corruption and sustainability governance.

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