Sofia, Process Engineer

M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering

After getting her degree Sofia tried out working at a sustainability department at a large company and as a development engineer at a smaller company before getting her job at Perstorp, which is what she wanted to work as, namely a process engineer. Sofia tells us about what she enjoys about her work:

“I like the variation between theoretical and more practical work and also to get that immediate feedback on what you have done. For example, if you’ve designed a new pump or heat exchanger, you will see the benefits of it right away. I also like working with people with different experiences and backgrounds, which is something that Perstorp enables me to do.”

Another aspect that Sofia feels Perstorp enables is development.

“I’m the kind of person who is always looking to develop and if I feel that it is stagnating then I’ll move on. I truly appreciate that at Perstorp, it’s no strange thing if you want to change positions within the company, after a while it’s almost expected.”

Sofia enthusiastically tells us more about the development opportunities that exist within Perstorp:"

There is a lot of encouragement to develop here, so if you want to move onwards and upwards then the opportunities are there for you. You can become a specialist, you can retrain and become a manager or become a project manager. You can also swap between departments or between plants and still have the same position, which I have already done for example.”

Sofia process engineer