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Butyric acid has been demonstrated to exert multiple roles to gut health and support animal welfare. Finding ways to prevent its absorption before reaching the intestine and control its unpleasant smell has been a challenge for decades. ProPhorce™ SR 130 is a dry product based on butyric acid glycerol-esters and is considered one of the most efficient ways to deliver butyric acid into the intestine due to its high concentration and targeted release.

Antonia Tacconi

Global Product Manager Gut Health

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An unrivaled foundation to power production

Gut functionality is a foundation for future performance and production success. By choosing ProPhorce™ SR 130, you ensure a good start and better lifetime performance. Its targeted delivery of butyric acid offers unrivaled power up to double that of coated butyric acid products. And since esterified ProPhorce™ SR 130 delivers an optimal amount of butyrate in precise dosages, you will see lower application costs and less wastage.

Ensure production success

ProPhorce™ SR 130 gets your animals off to a better start so they are more resilient to challenges, can grow better, and increase success in later life. ProPhorce™ SR 130 contributes to this success in multiple ways, such as lower costs associated with antibiotic use (vet expenses etc), reduced production losses and lower application costs. 
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Rock solid performance and reliable results 

ProPhorce™ SR 130 sets the benchmark for production success with rock solid performance and cost optimization. Read how it helps to optimize gut morphology, as well as having consistently shown  ADG and FCR results in multiple trials. Download the ProPhorce™ SR 130 brochure >>
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Meet your targets today

ProPhorce™ SR 130 is the pioneering butyrin solution that’s odorless, stable, and easy to handle. It helps you achieve your production targets, with the backing of Perstorp, a company with 60+ years of experience in animal nutrition and a leader and pioneer in esterification technology.

What's your ROI?

Let us use our decade of experience with ProPhorce™ SR butyrins to calculate your expected Return on Investment.

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Antonia Tacconi

Global Product Manager Gut Health

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