Driven by sustainable chemistry

At Perstorp we are driven by sustainable chemistry. We enables safe additives and improved functional performance to match technical and regulatory requirements for a more sustainable industry.

Broadest range of polyol building blocks from the global market leader

Our specialty polyols and acids building blocks enable multifunctional additives with high efficiency for demanding applications, whether it is as antioxidants, UV stabilizers or processing aids among others. Available as Pro-Environment grades, they can also enable you to meet your sustainability targets. We give your innovations an edge by providing expertise and application capabilities from molecule to end-product.

Building blocks 

Our range of polymer additives include Holtac™, that function as lead-free heat stabilizers in Ca/Zn stabilizer systems, and Charmor™, components for non-halogen intumescent systems for plastics and our specialty amorphous copolyester Akestra™, compatible with PET, glycol modified polyesters.

Holtac™ enables the manufacture of lead-free PVC heat-stabilizers without compromising performance, improves the lifelong color stability of PVC and supports the growth of efficient environmentally friendly products. As the fully integrated leading global producer of co-stabilizing polyols security, availability and consistent product quality are ensured.  

Charmor™ is used in non-halogen flame retardant (intumescent) systems for plastics. Intumescent technology based on Charmor™ is compliant with the new plastic directive and retains the mechanical properties without adding weight. Charmor™ based systems offer cost efficient, safer, more sustainable alternatives to conventional flame retardants in polymers.  Through Charmor™ Perstorp has gained a leading position as supplier for intumescent systems within coatings. Charmor™ products are micronized or supermicronized for superior consistency and performance.

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Performance advantages

  • Ligth weight solutions and non-toxic
  • Eliminating costs - consistent quality

Business advantages

  • Environmental friendly solutions
  • Customized global supply chain