Get the gut wealth feeling

At Perstorp, we believe you can find wealth through better animal gut health. It's not just wealth from profits. It's the feeling of wealth you get when gut health is completely under control. When your animals are healthy, happy and achieving their full potential - and when you're doing the best possible for people and planet. 

We call that gut wealth and it's our mission to help you achieve it.

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Marketing Communications Manager Animal Nutrition

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Our all-round approach

Perstorp cares about bringing balance to the guts of animals, and bringing peace of mind to our customers. That means we're committed to being more than just a producer of high-performing solutions and molecules.

We care about all the processes and the ethics behind our business and yours; how we work with you to answer your needs; and how we can do the right thing. Gut wealth encompasses this all-round approach.

We're all looking for changes that will help us to sustainably feed a growing world population. In animal nutrition, gut wealth can be the inspiration that drives us towards that goal. 

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Gastrivix™ Avi: an essential step towards gut wealth

Specialty feed additives are, of course, essential to achieving gut wealth. With its breakthrough blend of butyric and valeric acid esters, Gastrivix™ Avi solves multiple challenges for your business - providing growth for your animals, your business and your profitability.

Discover how you can experience the magic of growth with Gastrivix™ Avi here:

Gastrivix™ Avi: inspired by nature >>