HS Number: 230990

Gastrivix™ Avi is the only product combining the power of valeric acid with the well-known benefits of butyric acid both in form of esters. The product is suitable for the use in poultry with a dosage range between 250 g/ton to 500 g/ton of feed.

Antonia Tacconi

Global Product Manager Gut Health

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Experience the magic of growth

Optimal gut health is essential to maximize your investment in broiler feed. 

Now with Gastrivix™ Avi, it's easier to supplement what your broilers need. Gastrivix Avi provides a readily available source of butyric and valeric acid - both of which exist naturally in the gastro intestinal tract, but don't feature strongly in modern broilers. 

This unique blend of molecules meets the bird's biological needs, supports gut integrity and promotes reliable growth and performance.

Ensure optimal ROI

When combined with feed price and broiler slaughter price, you get a precise understanding of the results you can expect from Gastrivix Avi. The science is done - now simply see the growth. 

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Tested for predictable results

Read why Gastrivix Avi is the most effective solution we've ever created for broiler performance. A single solution now solves multiple challenges by reducing feed volumes for the broiler's lifecycle, providing consistent growth results and boosting ROI. The performance of Gastrivix Avi has been tested in multiple trials which showed FCR improvements of up to 8 points. Ready to learn more?

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Easy to feed and handle

Gastrivix Avi gives you the proven benefits of butyric and valeric acid, in esterified form to ensure ideal release into the intestinal tract. This reliable delivery has no odor issues, is palatable and provides the broilers with the greatest gut health benefits.

Gastrivix Avi is a dry product that is easy to handle and has no dangerous goods restrictions. 

From the experts in gut wealth

We believe that you can find wealth through better animal gut health. Not just wealth from profits, but the feeling of wealth you get when gut health is completely under control and your animals are healthy and achieving their potential and when you have considered people and planet while getting there. Gut wealth is the removal of concern about gut health. It is our goal to achieve that feeling with our customers. A goal that goes beyond gut health by bringing feed safety, performance, expertise, sustainability and profit under one umbrella. 

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Antonia Tacconi

Global Product Manager Gut Health

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