CAS Number: 15834-04-5 HS Number: 291560

Pevalen™ is a true non-phthalate plasticizer for flexible PVC, designed for close to consumer applications, with performance better or equal to traditional general purpose plasticizers. Pevalen™ has excellent processing properties, high plasticizing efficiency, exceptional UV resistance, low volatility and smoke and is made in a way that reduces the use of finite raw materials. Pevalen™ is the perfect choice for flexible PVC applications such as Coated fabrics, PVC plastisol, and flexible film.

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Designed with people and the planet in mind

Plastics are an essential part of our world, and few are more widely used than PVC. This durable, low weight plastic is less dependent on fossil raw materials, but it still needs to be manufactured and used in a responsible way. The ingredients, such as plasticizers, need to be carefully selected as they can make up a significant portion of the final product. If the ingredients are more sustainable, the plastics are more environmentally friendly.

This is why Perstorp is always developing thoughtful solutions that are designed to be kinder to our planet, while offering the outstanding performance you need for your products.

True non-phthalate plasticizer for PVC

Perstorp Pevalen™ represents the next generation of non-phthalate plasticizers for use in PVC. Soft, or flexible, PVC is widely used, and plasticizers account for a significant portion of it. Pevalen™ is revolutionary not only because it’s a true non-phthalate, but also because the manufacturing process is carefully considered to minimize the carbon footprint. However, our goal is to always evolve and develop more class-leading products that are even kinder to our environment. Pevalen™ Pro represents a huge step forward for our unique plasticizer molecule, and takes sustainability to the next level. It’s the same high performance plasticizer as Pevalen™, but it’s made from partly renewable raw materials which are sourced in a responsible way. This means that by choosing Pevalen™ Pro, you’re proactively improving the carbon footprint of your business.

Perstorp Pevalen™ for close-to-consumer application

Pevalen™ is the ideal choice for sensitive, close-to-consumer applications thanks to its nature as a true non-phthalate plasticizer. It offers unbeatable softness, excellent UV stability and outstanding cost performance, whilst meeting regulatory and customer demands. The manufacturing process has been carefully designed to ensure a limited environmental impact too, so you’re getting the benefits of a best-in-class plasticiser that’s more sustainable than many alternatives.

Pevalen™ Pro - based on renewable content

Pevalen™ Pro offers the same outstanding performance as Pevalen™, as it’s the same innovative molecule. However, this is very different in the way that it’s made. Every part of the engineering process has been carefully considered, and the result is a Pevalen™ molecule which relies more on renewable content, which in turn reduces the carbon footprint and environmental impact.

The concept behind Pevalen™ Pro is based on the mass balance concept, which is very much geared towards improving the way we manufacture and consume products. Mass balance represents a shift from fossil to renewable without any sudden changes, so sustainability improves steadily without affecting the economy. Because Pevalen™ Pro is designed based on this concept, it has achieved International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC), alongside the rest of the Perstorp Pro-Environment Portfolio. Pevalen™ Pro offers a wide range of performance benefits, without costing the earth.

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Mass balance

An ingenious concept

The Mass balance concept allows the chemical industry to switch to renewable raw material in easy steps. We believe mass balance is a necessary strategy and intermediary step allowing industry to make the switch from fossil to renewable and recycled resources.