Synthetic Lubricants Transformer Oils
Transformer oils and Di-electric fluids
Superior safety and environmental properties

Enabling you to make products with high fire point

Jenny Klevås
Jenny Klevås
Global Marketing Manager
+46 40 691 87 30
Perstorp is the world’s largest producer of the key raw materials for high-end transformer oils. We can offer you a complete portfolio, including neopolyols and carboxylic acid, and we continuously expand our polyol and Oxo acid capacity to match the market demand.

Working with us, doors to new business opportunities will open for you. Our innovation and ester formulation know-how is the key.

As more economies around the world develop, the demand for electricity increases in order to meet power consumption needs. In the Western world, technology upgrades of old grid structures drive the expansion of the transformer oil market.

While these demands are increasing, the transformer oil market is also seeing an increase in the use of synthetic fluids. Drivers for the use of esters in this segment are increased safety (High Fire Point) and environmental aspects.

The market is also turning to biodegradable and more eco-friendly products. You can rely on Perstorp’s bio-based and sustainable (in some case unique) raw materials to advance your position in this area.

Perstorp raw materials let you meet these demands.
Product advantages
  1. High quality, stable and reliable
  2. Facilitates products with higher fire point, >300 degrees
  3. Facilitates improved biodegradability in end products
Customer advantages
  1. Reliable products and supplies provide peace of mind
  2. Shorter lead times, security of supply and reduced need for keeping inventories – ensured by Perstorp’s global supply network and capacity
  3. Sustainable and bio-based product alternatives

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