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A complete portfolio of intermediates and an innovative development partner

Essential intermediates ester lubricant base stock

Andreas Nilsson
Andreas Nilsson
Product Manager
+46 406 358 846

Perstorp is the global leader in producing essential intermediates for the development of Group V polyol ester base stock for synthetic lubricant manufacturing. Our neopolyol portfolio is second to none and we are the only supplier offering a complete range to choose from. The polyol ester intermediates include Penta, Di-Penta, Penta-Tech, Neo and TMP and several specialty neopolyols and monoalcohols. We are also a global producer of short, and medium carboxylic acids, such as Valeric Acid and 2-EHA where we have largest capacity in the world, which means we can offer you consistent quality and security of supply.

The platform to create high performance and sustainable lubricants 

Our complete neopolyol platform gives you the opportunity to drive innovation and durability, and with the acid platform the opportunity to create new lubricants or make necessary performance enhancements. The products add stability, controlled viscosity and compatibility.   

Your innovative and reliable intermediates partner 

Perstorp is the innovative and reliable partner who can help you develop mono, diester and POE lubricant base stock. Whether you are part of the of an oleo/ester producer value chain or an ester integrated lubricant formulator working with high performance and specialist applications, we can provide a one-stop-shop supply with high service, quality and global reach. With our long and highly specialized knowledge of synthetic lubricants we can quickly provide you with invaluable development support, and specialty products to develop high performance, highly stable yet biodegradeable lubricants. Products that fit and match the specific requirements of aviation, refrigerant compressors, hydraulic fluids, 2 and 4 stroke engines, dielectric fluids and metal working fluids. 

Value chain

Business advantages
  1. One-stop-shop and the undisputed global leader in neopolyols
  2. Investment in short, and medium fatty acids for secure supply
  3. Development of base stock at low risk
  4. Portfolio innovator to help you stay ahead
Performance and processing advantages
  1. Consistent quality for robust ester production
  2. Unique product quality to match tight specifications
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