Raw materials that improve end product properties

If you are active in the hydraulic fluids market, Perstorp offers you top-quality neopolyols, oxo alcohols and acids for synthetic esters. We are also the global leader in TMP (Trimetylol propane). This is backed by our global supply network and logistics services that will shorten your lead times and reduce your need for keeping inventories. 

Perstorp also provides proactive (re-)formulation guidelines and has a strong innovation profile. When you partner with us, you will benefit from our innovation and ester know-how, which will create new business opportunities for you.

The demand for synthetic ester-based oils with high fire point is growing across several industries. Perstorp is working actively to develop products that will give you improved low temperature properties and that reduce the fire hazard. Synthetic esters also help solving the problem of cleaner mineral oils (Group III), which results in increased issues with varnish, sludge and deposit formation.