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Jenny Klevås
Jenny Klevås
Global Marketing Manager
+46 40 691 87 30
Perstorp is the world’s largest producer of raw materials for key basestock (POE) used in refrigeration lubricants. We offer you an unrivaled polyol portfolio combined with a strong acid portfolio, including sustainable alternatives – everything you need to face market challenges, today and tomorrow. You can rely on us to expand our polyol and Oxo acid capacity to match your needs and market demands.

The global compressor oil market is projected to grow significantly in the coming years. Lifestyle changes, especially in developing regions, are driving the demand for food storage equipment and air conditioning. At the same time, legislation on refrigerants is continuously changing. The phasing out of ozone-depleting refrigerants continues and there is a strong move towards low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants.

New lubricants also need to be compatible with today’s increasingly sophisticated compressors and refrigerants. High-quality lubricants improve the compressor lifetime. With Perstorp raw materials you will be well-equipped to handle tough requirements.

The demands on improved energy efficiency as well as the shift towards biodegradability and sustainability are getting increasingly important. Perstorp offers polyol esters building blocks with a sharpened sustainability profile and supports customers that want to develop partly renewable polyol ester base stock or polyol esters with significantly lower carbon footprint.
Product advantages
  1. Facilitates improved lubricity, lower viscosity and refrigerant compatibility
  2. Facilitates the use of low GWP, non-ozone depleting refrigerants
  3. Wide product portfolio that meets your needs
Customer advantages
  1. Reliable and stable products and security of supply provide peace of mind
  2. Shorter lead times and reduced need for keeping inventories – ensured by Perstorp’s global supply network
  3. New business opportunities – enabled by Perstorp’s innovation and ester formulation know-how combined with a unique product portfolio

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