Anette, Head of Application Development

M. Sc. in Chemical Engineering, PhD in Polymer Science

Anette Immelborn Content

After 19 years in the packaging industry, Anette joined Perstorp in 2017 and in charge of the research and development of applications. Her department develops new applications for new Perstorp products, but also the use of existing Perstorp products in new applications, such as coatings, resins, polymer materials, synthetic lubricants, de-icers and so forth.

"My job includes new projects each year and Perstorp's wide range of products allows me and my team to work widely within many different segments and new areas. In that way, my job never gets boring because we're constantly looking for new advancements and opportunities."

Anette further explains the importance of being flexible and dynamic towards the surrounding world and approach challenges with a positive mindset. She says:

"As a specialty chemistry company producing high-end chemicals, my team and I have to use our creativity to make new innovations and to stay on top."

On the question on why she likes to work for Perstorp, she says that she enjoys to work in a global company and that Perstorp also has a strong heritage and identity that clearly has proven to stand the test of time.

"We're on a journey from being a traditional chemistry manufacturer towards a modern, innovative and digital company. This journey allows us to focus on the things that brings value to the business, such as creativity and ideas, fruitful collaborations across functions in the company and last but not least, a healthy and happy staff."

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