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Automotive engine oils
Broad portfolio supporting the drive for reduced fuel consumption

Automotive engine oils

Andreas Nilsson
Andreas Nilsson
Market Segment Manager
+46 406 358 846

Producers of synthetic base stock for automotive engine oils, can enjoy Perstorp’s broad portfolio of top-quality neopolyols, oxo alcohols and acids for synthetic esters (POEs). We are also the global leader in TMP (Trimetylol propane). This is backed by our global supply network and logistics services that will shorten your lead times and reduce your need for keeping inventories. 

Perstorp also provides proactive (re-)formulation guidelines and has a strong innovation profile. When you partner with us, you will benefit from our innovation and ester know-how, which will create new business opportunities for you.

Automotive engine lubricants is the largest sub segment representing almost 50 % of all lubricants produced. Mineral oils are still the largest base oil used, but synthetic lubricants become more important. Especially in order to meet new standards in fuel consumption and service life. POEs are used to improve additive solubility, highly needed in modern synthetic lubricants designed for minimum environmental impact.

Product advantages
  1. Facilitates improved lubricity, lower fuel consumption and increased service life
  2. Facilitates meeting GF6 requirements
  3. Wide product portfolio that meets your needs
Customer advantages
  1. Reliable and stable products and security of supply provide peace of mind
  2. Shorter lead times and reduced need for keeping inventories – ensured by Perstorp’s global supply network
  3. New business opportunities – enabled by Perstorp’s innovation and ester formulation know-how combined with a unique product portfolio
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