Focusing on environment, health and safety

Perstorp is a major supplier of neopolyols, oxo alcohols and acids for synthetic esters as well as the global leader in TMP (Trimetylol propane). We offer you proactive (re-)formulation guidelines and our strong innovation profile means that we can offer you cutting-edge sustainable alternatives.

Our global supply network in combination with our production capacity, which adapts to changing market demands, mean that you can be assured that you will get the raw material that you need when you need it.

The global metalworking fluid industry is going through considerable changes due to more stringent EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) regulations. This raise demands for improved working environment properties, for example, reduced product volatility, something that you will get with Perstorp products.

Another driver for change is the ever more sophisticated technologies and materials used in, for example, the automotive and aerospace industries. These materials significantly toughen the demands on the performance of metalworking fluids. Perstorp offers you raw materials that will meet the strictest requirements.