Weaning: special needs requires special support

Weaning is a challenging and stressfull period for young pigs that may lead to reduced feed intake and post weaning diarrehas. Optimizing dEB help the young pigs to maintain health and performance.

ProPhorce™ AC 299 brings higly available sodium to maintain dEB and water balance while the formate is converted into formic acid in the stomach. Formic acid has a bacteriostatic effect and the ability to reduce the load of pathogenic bacteria in the stomach.

For young pigs, which have a rather low production of gastric acid, it is especially important to use a sodium source that maintains the gastric pH. The gastric acid is needed to protect the animal against pathogenic microbes and to establish an optimal environment for efficient feed degradation.

The graph below show the feed conversion ratio in piglets from weaning, at day 28 to day 42, in a feeding trial performed by IMASDE, Spain. The dEB values were 145 mEq/kg for the control feed and 217 mEq/kg for the feed optimized with ProPhorce™ AC 299.

Weaners conversion ratio

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