Perstorp investment in Application Development lab now finished

After months of extensive planning, evaluations of equipment and hard work, the rebuilding of the Application Development lab in Perstorp, Sweden is finished. The investment has been done in order to meet with an increased focus on material development. The grand opening of the lab took place on Friday April 24.

“We have rebuilt the lab and invested in new equipment to be able to process new materials and test them in different applications. This is critical in order to drive development but also to even better support customer projects,” says Maria Petersson, Head of Application Development.

Development of new materials is vital in order to meet with future needs and demands in society, and the increased focus on materials within the Group has driven the rebuild:

“With the new lab, we can really contribute to making our major material developments successful, where products such as our plasticizers Pevalen™ and Emoltene™, Capa™ for bioplastics, Capa™ Lactides and PU Elastomers are in focus”, says Maria Petersson.

Cecilia Svensson

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