Karin, Process Engineer

Who: Karin, Process Engineer
Education: M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering
Employed since: 2015

When we meet Karin, she has just started at Perstorp and is busy with her introduction. She says that so far most has been about learning and understanding various processes, but adds:

    “Everyone really has spent time looking after me. Managers have given their individual talks, I’ve met all of my colleagues who have told me what they do, I’ve met the IT department and tomorrow I’m meeting HR. Everything has been great so far and I feel really welcomed here.”

What Karin is looking forward to most is getting started with production.

    “It’s going to be great to see that what I do has an effect on the production. That I’m part of the bigger picture. When I see just how big Perstorp is I also realize that I’ll probably never be fully trained, which in a way is great because I’ll be learning new things every day. I’ve already noticed that no one day is like the next.”

When asked about how come she applied for a job at Perstorp, Karin explains:

    “With my background in chemical engineering, Perstorp is like the dream employer. When I saw the ad I just had to apply for the job – and luckily, here I am today.”

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