The road towards Finite Material Neutral

To reach our ambition of becoming Finite Material Neutral we have selected five focus areas where we see that we can make a significant pro-environmental difference:

  1. Raw material
  2. Energy
  3. Emissions
  4. Water
  5. Waste
  6. Catalysts
We have already defined what we mean by Finite Material Neutral in all five focus areas and are busy implementing Roadmaps for each one of them. The Roadmaps highlight the route we need to take to achieve our ambition, what actions we need to take along the way and what additional investments we need to make. Our ambitious goals for the five focus areas are:
  • Renewable/recycled raw materials and energy
  • Zero-waste from our processes
  • Continuously lowering our total water footprint and never compete with water usage for essential needs
  • Catalysts only using recycled/reclaimed/not of any endangered sorts of metals and minerals

Raw materials

Today, our raw materials are predominantly derived from fossil sources such as petroleum and natural gas. We have been looking at developing renewable raw materials both internally and in collaborations for many years, and we are now identifying and sourcing an increasing amount of renewable materials. Metal Catalysts are being reclaimed, and new processes that use more plentiful or even no catalysts will be employed in the future.

Energy management

We are in the process of shifting our energy sources to cleaner, more renewable ones. Today, we produce steam at some of our plants, which helps heat the local community.  In the future, we aim to become fossil-energy neutral, and possibly green-energy positive, offering our excess energy to people who live in the areas where we operate. 


All our operations, and those of our suppliers and customers, emit chemicals and pollutants into the atmosphere and water. It is our duty to reduce these emissions. Our task is to move closer and closer to zero emissions to reach our goal of Finite Material Neutral. 

Waste management 

We are committed to eliminating or reducing waste in all phases of the value chain. This includes solids, liquids and vapors from our suppliers’ manufacturing, losses in transportation and storage, our own internally generated wastes, and those of our customers and their customers – all the way to our products' end-of-life. We firmly believe that waste is a failure of imagination. Waste is simply a product that has not found its market. 

Water management 

The use and discharge of water is of growing concern around the globe, and Perstorp is already taking steps to conserve and re-use water in all our manufacturing plants. As we design new products, we strive to always take the use and re-use of water into account.  


As Perstorp matures regarding sustainability, we continually build our knowledge base and make new connections and partnerships. The journey towards our ambition to be Finite Material Neutral we cannot achieve without collaborating along the value chain in new ways. We ally ourselves with like-minded companies, trade groups, institutes and individuals to push technology forward. A deeper understanding of our stakeholders' needs and priorities is at the heart of our journey. 

Join us on our journey

It’s an exciting journey we have ahead of us and, of course, we will need some help along the way. We are looking for like-minded partners to speed up our progress towards Finite Material Neutral where needed. We see partnerships as a key enabler in reaching our ambition. Maybe together we can move a little faster?