Securing growth and a sustainable future

Future success will depend more and more on providing new resins and coatings with both improved performance and enhanced sustainability. Additionally, bio-based or renewable materials are predicted to grow dynamically as the strengthening global consumer demand for lower impact solutions creates a shift in coating technologies. As a leader in pro-environmental solutions, we can help you switch to environmentally friendly solutions and grow successfully in an increasingly sustainable future. 

Your pro-environmental innovation partner

If you are looking to improve your sustainability profile and differentiate your products, we are a committed world-leader in Pro-Environment Solutions (PES). As your partner, we provide you with a prioritized supply, critical expertise, network and support to drive sustainable development in your value chain. Our dedicated development team will actively help you to create new innovative sustainable solutions or smoothly switch to one of our drop-in pro-environment products in an existing formulation.

Go renewable and differentiate your products

With our ISCC* certified fully or partly renewable base - and specialty products you can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your formulations. You get exactly the same performance compared with fossil alternatives but with a sustainable edge. To support you in transitioning to renewable materials we offer you prioritized supply and preferred delivery status for all our Pro-Environment Solutions – Voxtar™ (renewable Penta), Evyron™(renewable TMP), Neeture™(renewable Neo), Curalite™ Ox Pro (for cationic UV curing) and Charmor™ Pro (for intumescent coatings). Going pro-environmental is good for business and good for the planet.

Access future solutions: safe & sustainable

Use our knowledge and service to smoothly transition to safe waterborne, low VOC and low CO2 solutions. By securing future renewable raw materials and focusing 80% of our R&D on finding new sustainable solutions, we will keep you one-step ahead for the foreseeable future. We also provide support tools such as our CO2 calculator to calculate the carbon footprint savings by switching to our Pro-Environment products.

Development support:

Benefit: Access to specialist pro-environment expertise and network to get new lower impact and more sustainable products to market quicker, plus improve the customer’s overall sustainability profile and jointly driving sustainability through in the value chain

Description: Dedicated fast response development team with expertise and network to help customers to develop new sustainable products and formulations

Access: All partner customers

CO2 Calculator:

Benefit: Customers can communicate the carbon footprint savings internally and externally to differentiate their products

Description: Calculates the carbon footprint savings when replacing standard fossil products, such as Pentaerythritol, Trimethylol propane and Neopentyl glycol with pro-environment products

Access: Open for all 

Prioritized Supply:

Benefit: Secure supply at all times with flexible logistics and delivery support

Description: Prioritized supply and preferred delivery to partners buying Perstorp Pro-Environment products Voxtar™, Evyron™, Neeture™, Curalite™Ox Pro, Charmor™Pro and Holtac™Pro

Access: All partner customers