Global support with local presence

Reliability, flexibility and commitment are key to effective global supply, as is a local presence to assist when you need to get hold of someone. Our global logistics and supply footprint mean you can have confidence that we will deliver on our promises wherever you are located. And with dedicated local development support teams across Europe, Middle East, the Americas and APAC we are always close at hand as are our logistics & secure supply services.

Meeting deadlines and delivering on time

Delivery and market implementation of products is a critical phase in the business cycle where creating smoothly operating supply chains, securing raw materials and keeping supply promises to customers are often key factors in determining success. We understand these pressures and that’s why all our partner customers get a dedicated professional logistics & supply team along with access to several important services. The team work with you to fully understand your specific needs and then develop a customized logistics & supply plan to meet those needs whether it is to achieve shorter lead times, security of supply or flexibility when needed. Our approach is very simple it’s to make life easier for you and your customer.

Minimizing cost, maximizing efficiency

Cost is also another important consideration that needs to be managed through the supply chain, especially to avoid hidden costs and to create a cost-efficient flow of orders, the supply of goods (even on a global basis) and material consistency. Our services are designed to minimize cost in the supply chain and in your business and we have a number of digital and inventory services to manage the business flow cost-effectively.

Partner services

There are four core services that our partner customers automatically have access to:

  • Digital Order Management
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Consignment Stock
  • Prioritized Supply 

Digital Order Management

Benefit: Increased efficiency, accuracy, saves time doing manual taske and reduces the lead time for order management

Description: Digital connection between Perstorp and its customers to automatically transfer information related to order handling. Perstorp has chosen Elemica as the platform for digital order management

Access: All registered partner customers with sufficient system support for Elemica and EDI

Vendor Managed Inventory

Benefit: VMI removes non-value adding administration and enables a trustworthy, stable supply of product to maintain continuous production and avoid shortages

Description: Perstorp helps to maintain an agreed inventory level in customer tank. Automatic replenishment is based on actual and predictive consumption

Access: All partner customer

Consignment Stock

Benefit: Reduces working capital for customer and provides a secure supply

Description: Perstorp takes responsibility for keeping sufficient stock at the customer’s premises as well as owning the product until it is consumed

Access: All partner customers

Prioritized Supply

Benefit: Provides a secure supply of raw materials even when there is a high demand

Description: Prioritized supply and preferred delivery to all partners purchasing the Pro-Environment products Voxtar™ (renewable Penta), Evyron™(renewable TMP), Neeture™(renewable Neo), Curalite™Pro, Charmor™Pro and Holtac™Pro

Access: All partner customers