Maintaining your competitive edge​

Anticipating where your market is moving to, what consumers and end users want or improving specific applications are all crucial to maintaining a sharp competitive edge. With an increasingly global and more dynamic resins coatings business environment staying ahead of the crowd has never been more important. Achieving this inevitably requires making the right choices at the right time, and this is where Perstorp’s Insights & Application services can help you.

It’s about making the right choices at the right time

Intelligence is particularly crucial in the early stage of the development of your market strategy and/or the development of new products/applications. Good intelligence helps you to minimize risk, avoid costly mistakes and make the right choices early on saving time and money as well as boosting revenue in the longer-term. Perstorp has a unique global insight into many resins & coatings segments as well as new/developing applications.

We are speaking daily, across all segments, to members of the value chain including consumers to build up an accurate picture of the challenges, needs and opportunities, which we share with our partner customers. Much of this critical intelligence gathered is used to create a regular publication called Perstorp Market Sentiment Report. This valuable tool gives you a global and regional picture of resins & coatings segment performance, where each segment is headed (outlook), the overall macro-economic development and consumer sentiment.

Expertise to unlock application and segment wide opportunities

Critical to your development process is formulating the right specification for your new product or application. This needs to take into account not just the right product ingredient selection but how to use them and where to use them. Additionally, you need to gauge the regulatory requirements, impact on the environment, supplier evaluation and possible processing issues. Perstorp provides support from the initial search for products right through to finished product. We help you with your specific challenge or needs with a team of segment and application experts to help you identify the right product/s to meet your application demands. This reduces your exposure, speeds up the time to market and increases an early return on investment.  

Perstorp Market Sentiment Report

Benefit: Valuable intelligence highlighting key developments in resins & coatings globally and regionally. Strategic input allowing you to take the right course of action based on value chain input and evidence.

Description: A publication, which is issued regularly, and provides a fact-based, top-level understanding of the current short- and long-term outlook across the world for a wide range of market segments. Each report covers three different perspectives; the general macro-economic development incl. key political, regulatory & commercial news, the chemical industry sentiment and a consumer outlook.

Access: All registered partner customers

Technical Sales Support

Benefit: Reduces risk at an early project stage and unlocks application and segment opportunities by speeding up time to market for early ROI.

Description: The first line of support for your specific challenge. For example, which product to choose, how to use it and where to use it. We also help with general information about product quality and regulatory questions. Our goal is to help our customers make the right choice!

Access: All partner customers