ProPhorce™ AC 299

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ProPhorceTM AC 299 is an innovative non-corrosive, dry acidifier that enables you to manage the dietary electrolyte balance in a very economical way. ProPhorceTM AC 299 consists of sodium and formate and is a free flowing product which is easy to handle.

Sodium and formate have the following unique properties:
- Managing the electrolyte balance in a cost-effective way.
- Optimizing dEB has proven to enhance live weight gain in growing animals and to reduce leg problems in growing and lactating animals.
- Reducing the buffer capacity of the gastric content of piglets.
- Enhancing the conversion of pepsinogen into pepsin, a major enzyme involved in protein digestion.
- Reducing the emptying rate of the stomach, resulting in an improved nutrient digestibility.

  • ProPhorce AC 299 graph

Higher bottom line profit
The formate in ProPhorceTM AC 299 is a highly cost-effective acidifier. It improves your profitability by cost-effectively improving feed acidification. The sodium of
ProPhorceTM AC 299 is actively involved in the absorption of valuable nutrients.

The graph below shows that sodium formate has consistently proven to enhance animal performance in piglet growth experiments.


Feed intake, weight gain and FCR 1-4 weeks after weaning. Sodium formate enhances weight gain and improves feed conversion ratio significantly. Bars with different superscript (a,b) differ significantly (P<0.05) (De Schothorst, 2005).

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