UV Curing

Coatings are found everywhere just look around you. The desk you are sitting at, the computer or screen you are looking at, the car that drives past you, the walls of your house and the packaging of the food you eat all have coatings. Coatings normally have two functions to be decorative and protective.

The do-it-yourself decorative coatings used by many people in their homes are almost all today water based. However for the industrial coatings the majority are still solvent based.

As we all know the need to move to more sustainable solutions many industries including the coating industry are well aware of the need to find alternatives to using solvents. As an attempt to find solvent free solutions solvent free coatings curing when exposed to UV/EB was developed during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The technology grew very quickly and as time has gone both the chemistry and equipment has developed and today UV/EB is not only known for its sustainability but also extreme speed, high quality and versatility.

To summaries the benefits of using UV/EB curing coatings are:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low or even zero emission
  • Low space consumption
  • Low heat effect on substrate
  • High production speed and efficiency
  • High quality and versatility on all substrates

Perstorp have been producing polyols since the 1950s and during the development of UV/EB coatings the benefits of using acrylates based on Perstorp polyols was found early on. Since then Perstorp have continued to grow its portfolio and offering of polyols to support the growth and development of the UV/EB coating industry.