HS Number: 293299

Curalite™ OxPlus for better performance

For the applications where only the best performance will do Curalite™ OxPlus is the perfect solution.  Offering up to 15x faster reactivity it “cures the need for speed” and the complete through cure ensures outstanding toughness and a superb finish every time. Curalite™OxPlus behaves very similar as Curalite™Ox but performs even better when it comes to reactivity, through cure and hardness. 

  • A di-functional Oxetane crosslinker
  • Improved chemical resistance and hardness
  • Increasing the reactivity up to 15 times
  • Suitable in formulation in the range of 10 to 40%
  • Use less amounts of expensive photoinitiator
  • Perfect for environments with high humidity


Speeding up the printing line

So for printing in environments with very high moisture content Curalite™OxPlus is sometimes the only option to speed up the printing line. Curalite™OxPlus is also advantageously used in combination with Curalite™Ox to fine tune your formulation to meet your customers specific demands. For example a formulation of 20% Curalite™Ox and 15% Curalite™OxPlus gives excellent flexibility and through cure. Both Curalite™Ox and Curalite™OxPlus gives very good reduction in viscosity.

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