HS Number: 390799

Boltorn™ P1000 is a liquid, low viscosity dendritic polyester and polyether blend. It is a precursor for UV/EB curable acrylates specifically designed for highly reactive low viscosity, monomer free acrylate formulations. Despite its high concentration of functional groups Boltorn™ P1000 offers acrylates with low shrinkage making it very suitable for UV-digital printing.

Polymer polyols – for monomer free formulation

Boltorn™ P1000 is a low-viscosity polymer polyol allowing monomer-free formulation. It combines the low viscosity and low shrinkage with high reactivity required in applications such as UV digital printing.

Improve your radiation curing applications

Boltorn™ products enhance radiation curing applications by providing oligomer precursors that significantly increase the average molecular weight of UV formulations at high acrylate concentration. Acrylates based on Boltorn™ technology are typically used to partially or fully replace urethane acrylates, other top-end oligomers or acrylates of high functionality.

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