HS Number: 390799

Dendritic Polymer - 16 terminal hydroxyl groups. For sampling to research organizations, please contact Polymer Factory Sweden AB (www.polymerfactory.com) directly [email protected] Boltorn™ H20 is only intended as starting material for development of dendritic derivatives. Smallest quantity delivered by Perstorp is 25 kg.

Dendritic polyols – for a wide range of requirements

Boltorn™ products are produced using polyalcohol cores, hydroxy acids and technology based on captive materials. The dendritic structures are formed by polymerization of the particular core and 2,2-dimethylol propionic acid (Bis-MPA). The base products obtained are hydroxyl-functional dendritic polyesters. Fully aliphatic and consisting only of tertiary ester bonds, they provide excellent thermal and chemical resistance. Extensive branching also improves reactivity, lowers viscosity and results in balanced mechanical properties.

Three technology advantages

  • Large number of primary hydroxyl groups
  • Densely branched polymer backbone
  • Extensive formulation possibilities

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