HS Number: 293299

Curalite™Ox is a low viscosity, odor free, non-skin irritating, colorless liquid. Curalite™Ox is one of the main components of UV/EB cationic formulations as a reactive diluent. It combines increased reactivity with good diluting power of epoxy resins and increases through cure and chemical resistance of the formulation. Curalite™Ox is suitable for all types of cationic UV printing inks and overprint varnishes both for metal and plastic substrates.

Curalite™Ox gives your formulation an extra edge

The demands for faster, more efficient production are always increasing and although Cationic UV Curing as technology already is a good option sometimes it needs an extra boost. The answer to this challenge is Curalite™Ox. Using Curalite™Ox as an additive in your formulation you can increase the reactivity of up to a factor of 7.

  • Increasing the reactivity up to 7 times
  • Best performance for flexibility
  • Suitable in formulation in the range of 5 to 20%
  • Increased dark cure gives increased through cure

Curalite™Ox also enables you to lower the cost of your formulation making you more competitive. Due to the increase in reactivity given by Curalite™Ox you can use less amount of expensive photoinitiator and hence reduce the total cost of your formulation. Curalite™Ox is clear, color-less, non skin-irritating and with very low odor. So Curalite™Ox exceeds in performance also when it comes to handling and safety.

The unique properties of Curalite™Ox makes it the given choice in formulation for applications with high demands like:

  • Food packaging with high demands on safety, low migration, low odor and scratch resistance
  • Shrink sleeves with high demand on flexibility
  • Coatings for beverage can-base for long term resistance, fast process and customized slip and resistance
  • Curalite™OxPlus – Up to 15x faster reactivity

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