Not all grains used as feed or part of a feed mix are of comparable nutritional value to animals. For example, with regard to energy value (as MJ/kg), corn provides the most energy and is more easily digested than wheat and barley. Although wheat and barley are included in pig diets, there is a limit to their inclusion. This is because these grains contain non-starch saccharides that cannot be broken down to simpler sugars by enzymes in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of animals.

Similarly, protein sources like soybean and rapeseed meal contain non-starch saccharides that also cannot be broken down by animals to simpler sugars for use as energy because they lack the enzymes to do this. Therefore it is of economic importance to find ways of breaking down these indigestible saccharides and prevent their negative effects on digestibility.

The benefits of ProFareTM enzymes
Perstorp’s solution to the problem of non-starch saccharides is an enzyme product line called ProFareTM that catalyzes the breakdown of various indigestible polysaccharides. The main benefits you get with these solid and liquid feed additives are:

  • - Increased inclusion levels for raw materials
  • - Reduced feed cost
  • - Decreased viscosity in the gut

These advantages are achieved because ProFareTM provides:

  • Excellent activity over a broad pH-spectrum
  • High efficacy at body temperature
  • Well balanced activity spectrum for different poultry diets