The microbial contamination of feed has a significant negative economic impact on pig performance. This expresses itself in many forms:

  • Reduced nutritional value of feed
  • Post-weaning diarrhea in piglets
  • Poorer health status of pigs

Pathogenic bacteria not only decrease animal performance but may also find their way into food processing for human consumers. Therefore it is crucial to minimize these threats to animal and human health, as well to animal performance and productivity.

Perstorp first introduced formic acid as a feed additive. Then, in the light of experience and many feed trials, other acidifiers that could inhibit a wide range of microorganisms were launched.

Today, our ProPhorceTM AC feed additives include a number of solid and liquid products that are dedicated to improve feed hygiene and farm productivity through acidification and bacterial inhibition. Their properties have been investigated and product formulations have been developed to ensure you achieve optimal results.